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Perry’s Restaurants Add Low-Carb Options to Menu

April 22, 2004 | News & Information

With thousands of Houstonians looking for ways to count calories, Perry’s Italian Grille and Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille has added now low-carb pasta dishes containing only five grams of digestible carbohydrates to their menus.

“We have added three new low-carb pastas to our menu.” Said Chris Perry of his family owned restaurant business. With the recent increase in dietary trends and programs, Perry’s has responded to the needs of its health-conscious customers by offering this new addition. “More and more of our clientele adhere to healthier eating habits and many are adhering to the Adkins diet. We wanted to provide them with pasta alternatives rich in natural taste and texture without compromising the finest premium pastas that our customers have come to expect. These new pasta alternatives add a new element to our menu while maintaining our tradition of providing only the best for our customers. While this new menu item is not currently being served at our Friendswood location, we anticipate adding it in the near future,” Perry added.

Other locations are currently offering low-carb spaghetti, linguini and penne pastas each containing only five grams of digestible carbohydrates per two-ounce dry pasta portion. A two-ounce dry pasta portion, which translates into an eight-ounce serving when cooked, usually yields 32-40 grams of digestible carbohydrates in regular. The new pastas are not only better from a health standpoint, but they also taste just as good as regular pasta dishes. “Customers who have tried the new alternatives have been pleasantly surprised by the way we’ve retained such a savory flavor,” Perry said.

Perry’s Italian Grille, with locations in Clear Lake and Sugar Land will offer all three pasta dish options while the Steakhouse and Grille, located in Clear Lake and The Woodlands, will serve the linguini. Their newest locations at the Sugar Land Town Square, which is scheduled to open in May, will also offer the linguini.

“We utilize pasta with a low level of fiber blend added to the flour creating pastas with low carbohydrate digestibility. The fiber blend protects the carbohydrates in the pasta from being broken down by natural enzymes so they are not digested but perform as dietary fiber, much like whole grains,” Perry said.

“Our restaurants are also offering a new gourmet pizza. It has a thin crust made with homemade dough. It is also make with a light sauce and light cheese, which make s for a more healthy pizza. Flavors include Margarita, spinach and mushroom Alfredo, a four-cheese pizza, a veggie pizza and an eggplant pizza,” he added.

Perry’s father opened his first location on Scarsdale Boulevard in 1979 and currently four of his children work in the restaurant office and various locations. Chris Perry, his wife and 17-month old child reside in Friendswood.

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